At Peter Gorman Leadership Associates…

We believe that leadership is the key ingredient in the success or failure of any organization and that it is our responsibility to develop the leadership capacity of others. The most successful superintendents and leadership teams can look back and attribute a portion of that success to having had an experienced, trusted, knowledgeable and confidential coach at critical times.

  • A coach with a track record of success increasing student achievement, closing achievement gaps and increasing graduation rates possessing a background that includes: Successful experience as superintendent of complex school districts of varying sizes, geography, and socioeconomic and 
demographic makeup.
  • Business experience at a high level.
  • Competence in and understanding of the varied responsibilities of the superintendency, as expressed in a variety of leadership situations.
  • Organizational savvy; ability to transfer experience across organizations.
  • Ability to zero in on the vital elements of complex problems and summarize succinctly.
  • Trustworthiness; ability to maintain commitments and confidentiality.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, communication skills, and facilitation skills. Frankness.

Peter Gorman Leadership Associates has broad experience with leadership development including speaking, writing, and facilitating programs throughout the country with an outstanding national reputation. Clients include a variety of school districts with a broad range of student demographics including those in the top 10 in size nationally, urban districts and smaller suburban districts. Each coaching relationship is unique and requires developing a customized plan for working together. In each case the mission is the same, to help school district leaders improve their knowledge and skills, which benefits students.

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